Some Good News!

Hey guys! I know that for a lot of you, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. So much bad news has been going around with events being cancelled, school being put online, huge disruptions in our every-day lives, and more. I feel like I can’t take another news headline about COVID-19 or anything related to something negative. So I decided this week’s blog post was going tp be about some triumphs and good things! publishes a weekly list of positive things going on in the environment today. I love reading their posts, since they make me feel like some weight is being lifted off my shoulders after learning about climate change and deforestation and pollution. I thought they would be the perfect news outlet to feature today, and you guys should definitely check them out! You can even subscribe and get weekly emails filled with good news 🙂

From their March 16. 2020 post:

  • There is an area in the Pacific Ocean, close to Hawaii, that is called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” due to the massive amounts of plastic and other debris pushed together by the ocean currents. Plastic pollution is of course a huge concern among environmentalists and concerned citizens alike, and it has been kind of pushed to the back of our minds, as people believed that cleaning up the ocean would take hundreds of years, especially that particular area. Despite this, an organization called The Ocean Cleanup began collecting and discarding the plastic from the patch with their System 001/B vessel. This system uses the natural force of the waves to its advantage, drawing in the plastic from the patch and collecting it. The Ocean Cleanup is working, and is drawing plastic out of this patch in huge amounts. This is a huge win for the ocean, and will continue to work and expand to other parts of the sea in the future!!

The Ocean Cleanup
  • I’m sure we all know by now that carbon dioxide is pretty bad- it contributes HEAVILY to climate change. We have some real work to do in mitigating the warming that happens due to carbon dioxide emissions, and we’ve been focused on reducing emissions altogether, reforesting, and carbon capture. Recently though, a new process has been discovered that can covert gaseous carbon dioxide into solid carbon at room temperature, keeping it out of the atmosphere and preventing any further damage. This process is new, so it hasn’t taken over in many places. In the future, we’ll see how this new technology evolves.
  • The city of Portland, Oregon is switching up how they generate electricity for the city! Its new system involves creating electricity from water flowing in the pipes below the city. As water flows through these new pipes, turbines spin and produce power attached to generators, supplying energy to Portland’s grid. This came from a partnership with Lucid Energy. As cities are sometimes the biggest contributors when it comes to air pollution, as well as huge users of fossil fuels and other forms of unclean energy, this is a big deal. Portland is the first and only city in America to convert to this kind of clean power, but hopefully many more cities will follow in its footsteps!
One of Lucid Energy’s water pipes, complete with the turbines that help produce the power.

These are just a few examples of some really great things happening in the environmental world today. It’s important in times like these to look after ourselves, and sometimes that means turning our attention away from the constant wave of bad news and looking toward things that are going well in the world. I’ll leave you with one more thought: STAY HOME! It’s hard, I know, but we’re all in this together. Staying home will make this thing get over and done with sooner than doing whatever you want will. Listen to what the experts are saying!


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